London Aerial Virtual Tour Now Mobile

We are pleased to release a mobile version of our most popular tour – The London Aerial virtual tour has had over 125,000 hits, and can now be accessed on the Iphone and Ipad, as well as Android, and on all major desktop browsers. Making it compatible with any internet viewing device 🙂

Just visit the London Aerial Virtual Tour page. Whatever device is being used will be detected, and will trigger an optimized tour for that device. E.g Iphone screens are only small, so we need only display small panoramas etc. this ensures great loading speed and the tour can be accessed in seconds.

The innovative touch navigation of mobile devices including Ipad, make viewing virtual tours great fun. Just use your fingers to move left and right and pinch to zoom in and out.

Here are some screen shots of the London aerial virtual tour mobile tour.

Portrait orientation.

News  photo5

News  photo8

Landscape orientation.

News  photo6-e1290255138873

News  photo7-e1290255189208

News  photo9-e1290255258542

News  photo11-e1290255329808

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