360 Video

Tom Mills photography has been creating 360 video since 2008 and as such is a pioneer of this technology in the UK. During this time he has innovated filming methods as well as post production techniques.

Together with innovative filming techniques Tom Mills can provide experienced direction to create compelling narrative for your ideas in 360 and develop thought provoking, eye catching experiences.
for websites, social media and VR glasses.

The ways in which 360 video can be used are as exhaustive as your imagination. Locations shot by 360 video have an even greater impact and effect over traditional video and allow your customers not only to
engage with your story but also experience it.

360 Video encourages viewers to explore creating a lasting impact. This is why more and more top brands are using this technology to advertise to millions of online user allowing them to explore in new ways.

This revolutionary technology is now used for a wide variety of applications and solutions, such as experiencing newsworthy events, aerial surveys, underwater diving, E-learning and training, showbiz events and music concerts, and theatre productions.

Tom Mills photography has a team of talent to handle everything from pre and post production to distribution.