Wimbledon Tennis 2011

Here are some 360 Panoramas from this years Wimbledon that I shot for a Sunday Newspaper Ipad magazine. I have always wanted to shoot 360 panoramas at Wimbledon to give a unique view of Murray mountain, the tennis courts and atmosphere, so was very glad to be there.

It started a great day with sunshine and a relaxing glass of pimms on Murray mountain.

As well as court no.1 and center court there are loads of other matches going on, and I was surprised that visitors can just walk past them and spectate really easy.

The time was coming for Murrays match 3rd round match with Ljubicic and Murray mountain was starting to fill. Here they are showing Murray mountain on the big screen so people are waving to spot themselves.

Murrys match starts and so does the rain 🙁

Its not the best of starts and the crowds faces say it all

The rain gets heavier and heavier and the crowds fewer and fewer – my dream of capturing Murray mountain in full celebration ends in chaos as an anouncement over a tannoy, declares that all games (apart from Murrays as Center court now has a roof) are off due to the rain.

Everybody under umbrellas on Murray mountain are then invited to watch under court no.1’s  roof. The floor may have been damp, but not peoples spirits. Here is a mexican wave  whilst people watch the big screen in the corner. I love the look of enjoyment on the this lads faceenjoying the day with his dad – awesome !

Murray won and later went on a few more rounds, reaching the semi’s – he did very very well and I hope to be back next year.

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