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We were delighted to be asked by Tag Worldwide to produce 360 panoramas of Tower Bridge and City hall for their new campaign to launch the new Jaguar F-Type Coupe.

The content was used to produce realistic backplate for an excellent car interior made by Will Pearson @

I was delighted to join Jeffrey Martin and Holger Schulze to be part of the 360 Cities team encharged with creating a new world record 360 degree panorama shot from the BT tower. The shoot was our biggest yet with alot of organizing and preparation. Extra equipment was kindly made available from our sponsors at Canon, Dr Clauss, and Fujitsu.

3 Days were spent up the tower in winds up to 35 mph, capturing all the shots we required to make this momentous panorama.

News  BTT_Gigapan-6504

To overcome the fast changing light conditions 4 Canon EOS 7D cameras were used. On each we mounted a 400 mm Canon f/2.8L IS II USM lens, plus a Canon x2 Extender EF III teleconverter. This made a 1200mm zoom ! So narrow was the field of view that the robots were programmed to just move 0.1 degree.

News  BTT_Gigapan-6265

Photo by: Anthony Upton

Each camera was set up on a corner of the tower, and were programmed on the Clauss pano heads to shoot 12,000 images in sequential rows and columns. The video below shows how awesomely fast the autofocus and shooting was.

After 3 days of shooting on 120 gig CF cards, transferring and saving data using 8 latptops and external drives, we had enough images to create for 360 x 180 degree mega panorama.

The panorama was released on the BT website a few weeks ago and was featured in all the major newpapers, blogs, and even TV.

Check below for links to coverage and a few bonus videos and images that have not been seen anywhere else.



320-Gigapixel London Panorama Breaks Record for Largest Panoramic Photo


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World Record Panorama featured on BBC, ‘The One Show’

The World record panorama featured on the one show tonight with a great interview at the end with Jeffrey Martin about the post production 🙂

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Here is behind scenes coverage of the London 320 Gigapixel BT Tower shoot.

Courtesy of BBC ‘Click online’

We were privileged to be asked by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to help bring the experience of humanitarian relief in South Sudan to the public of Zurich

We provided a 5 minute film comprised of 360 panoramas and motion graphics in 2 languages for a 360 degree projection dome provided by igloo visio.

The installation was setup within the foyer of the Credit Suisse Headquarters in Zurich, and the impact and response was phenomenal – proving again how effective the medium of 360º can be.

This is how my London 360 video was featured on a recent French news channel.

This recent commission for EF school showcases some of the most advanced features in virtual tours. The multi-lingual tour includes streetview, 3D sound, and 3D video hotspots and much more.

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