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At last the wait is over 🙂 Google have released Google Earth for the web. I quickly got to grips with it using my .kml file from 360 Cities, and using a spare domain I bought with exactly this in mind.

So please check out my newest website, called VR Planet

Simply install the web browser plug-in when prompted and away you go !!!

Here’s some quick screengrabs, enjoy 🙂

News  gearthplugin2

First, install google Earth Plug-in

News  gearthplugin3

Complete with 3D buildings

News  gearthplugin6

Fly into the speres

News  gearthplugin4

Enter the Sphere and use the mouse to move around the panorama

The Google Earth Plug-in currently supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Microsoft Windows Vista, and works on the following web browsers:

* IE 6.0+
* IE 7.0+
* Firefox 3.0x, 2.x or 2.0x
* Netscape 7.1+
* Mozilla 1.4+
* Flock 1.0+

Support for other operating systems such as Mac OS X and Linux are being planned for the future.

The latest release of Google Earth now features 360Cities panoramas in the preview and gallery layers.

News  gearth6

Select 360 Cities from the sidebar in Preview and Gallery layers

News  gearth4

Look for 360 Cities Logo on the Map and click to see panoramas from that area

News  gearth5

Select from many places in London to go and explore

News  gearth2

Sidebar and pop up option for 360cities on Google Earth

News  gearth3

Fly into 360 Cities sphere on Google Earth

Well done to the guys at 360 Cities for a great redesign of 360 Cities building on there already award winning website.

Here are some screen shots:

News  360cities3

News  360cities1

News  360cities2

360 Cities now contains over 8000 panoramas to explore from over 100 cities around the world.

Here are just some of the improvements are listed below

– A reseller program for people who would like to provide VR / immersive photography services to local businesses
– All new map page with advanced search, author- , area- , or business-centric searching
– Critically acclaimed fullscreen panorama layout including map, thumbnails, and image transitions
– HOTSPOTS in all panoramas which are automatically created as panoramas are added to the site. You can navigate between images and move all through an area….
– Photographer profile page to show the latest works by author
-RSS feeds for the whole world, by area, or by author.
– Get driving directions to any business on the site.
– Google Earth integration, so you can view any image on Google’s Earth platform.
[this is not new but worth mentioning, as it’s really cool!]

So credit crunch getting you down ? Need a holiday but cant afford one ? Don’t worry take a virtual trip to anywhere in the world with 360 cities from the comfort of your own computer 🙂

Try these great new destinations for starters

Cutting open a dead whale during a snowstorm at midnight in Barrow, Alaska:

Muscovites of all sizes enjoying the sunshine:

Berlin’s holocaust memorial

View from the top of the WTC in NYC

One of Iran’s most beautiful mosques

An ecologial amusement park in Damascus 😉

The McCall Glacier, in the ANWR, Alaska

A marketplace in Banjul, Gambia

Waiting for Marlon Brando in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

I have my 2nd exhibition this year in Amelie Les Bains, showing images from the area, Collioure.

I have the complete exhibition online and prints can be bought for £100 only.

I have 10 issues of each print, and they are starting to run out, I’m glad to say 🙂

If you would like to licence, or order a print, just get in contact with me here.

To view the Exhibition and virtual tour.

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