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Well done to the guys at 360 Cities for a great redesign of 360 Cities building on there already award winning website.

Here are some screen shots:

360 Cities now contains over 8000 panoramas to explore from over 100 cities around the world.

Here are just some of the improvements are listed below

– A reseller program for people who would like to provide VR / immersive photography services to local businesses
– All new map page with advanced search, author- , area- , or business-centric searching
– Critically acclaimed fullscreen panorama layout including map, thumbnails, and image transitions
– HOTSPOTS in all panoramas which are automatically created as panoramas are added to the site. You can navigate between images and move all through an area….
– Photographer profile page to show the latest works by author
-RSS feeds for the whole world, by area, or by author.
– Get driving directions to any business on the site.
– Google Earth integration, so you can view any image on Google’s Earth platform.
[this is not new but worth mentioning, as it’s really cool!]

So credit crunch getting you down ? Need a holiday but cant afford one ? Don’t worry take a virtual trip to anywhere in the world with 360 cities from the comfort of your own computer 🙂

Try these great new destinations for starters

Cutting open a dead whale during a snowstorm at midnight in Barrow, Alaska:

Muscovites of all sizes enjoying the sunshine:

Berlin’s holocaust memorial

View from the top of the WTC in NYC

One of Iran’s most beautiful mosques

An ecologial amusement park in Damascus 😉

The McCall Glacier, in the ANWR, Alaska

A marketplace in Banjul, Gambia

Waiting for Marlon Brando in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

I have my 2nd exhibition this year in Amelie Les Bains, showing images from the area, Collioure.

I have the complete exhibition online and prints can be bought for £100 only.

I have 10 issues of each print, and they are starting to run out, I’m glad to say 🙂

If you would like to licence, or order a print, just get in contact with me here.

To view the Exhibition and virtual tour.

Photos d'exposition "Collioure"

Photos d